Monday, June 15, 2009

What I Saw in Seattle

Well, I'll be able to speak to what I saw after this weekend. I'll be in Seattle this weekend as part of a day's lectures on "Five Forgotten Conservatives." My task: to recall the thought of Robert Nisbet and its relevance for the current moment. I'll be appearing under the auspices of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute along with such luminaries and friends as Peter Lawler, David Whalen and fellow Front Porcher James Wilson. Anyone in or around Seattle with a burning interest to hear what I have to say about Nisbet (or others about others) should consult I.S.I.'s announcement and this schedule. I'll be staying a few extra days, so may have some things to report from the great Northwest.


Davey Henreckson said...

Wish I'd heard about this sooner -- it's an impressive line-up. Although, even if I'd managed to convince my wife of the absolute necessity of making the day-trip to Seattle, it might've been too late. Enjoy the NW while the weather's good.

AC said...

Seattle is one of the prettier Liberal Hells around.