Monday, November 8, 2010

In Beantown

On this coming Thursday, November 11, I'll be a discussant on a panel about Damon Linker's new book The Religious Test. The panel is being sponsored by the Boisi Center (directed by Alan Wolfe) at Boston College - information about the panel is here.

I have just reviewed the book for a journal - I'll post the review here when it runs, as well as some version of my comments at BC. Let's just say I have some rather deep disagreements with Linker, but then, longtime readers would already know that (since we've mixed it up on several occasions in the past, for instance here and here, and I expect we will yet again).

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Nathanael said...

The more of Linker's writing I read, the more I suspect that he has based his political and religious views on his desire to indulge his sexual appetites.