Monday, May 17, 2010

Natural Law in Princeton

Today and tomorrow I am attending, and will be presenting at, a conference on "Natural Law, Natural Rights, and the American Republic." My presentation tomorrow at 11:15 is entitled "Sensus Communis and Natural Law: Why Communities Know Natural Law Better than Philosophers Do." Should be fun - come by if you're in the neighborhood.


Alberto Hurtado said...

Would love to see a copy of that paper once it is complete. The topic sounds fantastic! The topic of how the natural law is "known" in a general sense is fascinating and it is certainly more broad than a few philosophers sitting in a room. I assume Professor George will be in attendance. I'd be curious how his school of natural law accepts your arguments.

Patrick said...

Really wanted to try to make it up for the conference, but just couldn't make it work with my schedule. I would also love to see a copy of this paper. Hope it went well.