Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Tour

The Deneen Spring Lecture Tour is about to kick off. Roadies are packing and groupies are swarming. Black T-shirts have already sold out.

Here's where I'll be:

March 10-11: Los Angeles, CA (private event, but contact me if you're interested)

March 12-15: San Diego, CA (conference)

March 19: Montreal, Canada. Concordia University. Lecture: "Conservatism as Conservation"

March 24: South Bend, IN. Notre Dame University Law School. Lecture: "Men of Great Faith: What the Anti-Federalists Were For"

March 26: Front Royal, VA. Christendom College. Reprising the previous.

March 30: Atlanta, GA. Oglethorpe University. Lecture: Liberal Education Rightly Understood.

Early April: Recovery Ward, undisclosed location.

Come say hi if you're so inclined.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hmm, early April sounds dangerous. Best wishes for you in whatever gig lands you in the Recovery Ward.