Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From a Gentle Reader

A friend, and serious Catholic writes to me thusly:

I just skimmed Dreher and a post or two of yours and get the sense that you like Palin but are concerned about her predictable Republican rhetoric, presumably indicative of a "same-old, same-old" approach to the issues of concern to traditional/crunchy/Kirkian conservatives.

My 2 cents: you should be shouting to the rooftops about this woman. She is the real deal: a person for whom the local has always been paramount; who comes from a large, tight-knit family; who has not risen through and is not beholden to the East coast policy establishment. Watch her debates from past elections -- she's smart and articulate. She cares about environmental issues not because of abstract scientific evidence but because she's someone who hunts and fishes and lives within and is responsible for some of the most beautiful wilderness area in the country. She'll be receptive to arguments that economic policies should put families and localities first because of her lived experience (not just her professional experience, although that will contribute too). Maybe she's wrong in supporting McCain on Iraq -- but isn't it something that one voice at the table will be the mother of a deployed soldier? And, most importantly, she's pro-life -- and not, mind you, in an ideological way, but again because of her lived experience, because of how she was raised, because of her faith.

Less than 2 weeks ago she was vaulted unexpectedly onto the national stage; it's unsurprising that she'd take direction from the campaign on what to say and how best to get the McCain-Palin ticket elected. But think what happens if she gets good people around her; if Matt Scully (who wrote her acceptance speech, and also wrote Dominion, which you should read if you haven't) writes her speeches. Think about 2012. Did it ever seem likely that someone with her lived experience -- someone even slightly inclined to a traditional small-government conservatism -- would be that close to the Presidency? Unless the sky really is falling tomorrow and we'll all be decamping to our monastic hold-outs anyway, that will count for something. While she'll never be a Front Porch Anarchist, she could be a Front Porch Republican.

Many good points here. Awaiting further word from Sarah, like everyone in America...

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Anonymous said...

I take your reader's point about Palin, and hopes for 2012, but if McCain is as awful as I think he is, dare we take the risk?