Sunday, August 24, 2008

Technology, Culture, and Virtue

The most recent issue of The New Atlantis has arrived, and in its pages is an essay by yours truly. Any reader of this site should consider becoming a regular subscriber to this important journal, or at least a regular visitor to its website, but for those who can't wait to get the whole article (the link provides a "teaser,"), the essay is essentially the same as the lecture I delivered at Berry College this past March. For those who missed it, you can read it here.

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brierrabbit said...

Our whole group of "elites" now have no connection to any "place" of their own. Even George Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, Jackson,Lincoln, etc, had homeplaces they always wanted to go back to. Most of these people, ecxept Lincoln, had farms or plantations to go back to. We, as a country, have spent so much of the last 50 years moving everywhere else, instead of staying where we grew up, that we can't think of the country anymore as a conglomeration of special places, unique to themselves. Also this group has been able to travel all over the world easily, and now thinks of themselves as "cosmopolitan", which really means that like a philanderer, you can't be comfortable in your own bed. I almost hope peak oil turns out to be real. Maybe it will finally stop all this rootlessness. Maybe we can love where we are, well, again.