Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nationally Recognized?

Well, if it's in the Rome News-Tribune, then it must be true. I notice, however, it doesn't say in what nation these scholars - which may include me, but may not - are "recognized." Maybe in Liechtenstein?

Anyway, if you find yourself in Rome tomorrow evening - Rome Georgia, that is - stop by the science building on the campus of Berry College and listen to me criticize science. My assigned topic is "Virtue, Technology, and Wendell Berry," a highly serviceable title. It should be fun, and thanks to the redoubtable Professor Peter Lawler for hosting a fine gathering of "nationally recognized" scholars. And me.


Peter said...

Best wishes on your talk tomorrow. I know I'm not your only regular reader who will look forward now to scanning (at least a portion of!) your lecture.


Anonymous said...

It's a very good paper. I enjoyed reading it and will throw in my two cents' worth tomorrow evening.

Anonymous said...

It is nice that you will be at Berry College, founded by Martha Berry - my mother's aunt. I spent many days of childhood visiting my grandmother in Rome, and I always loved visiting the beautiful Berry campus 30+ thousand acres, with a dynamic agriculture program and crafts. I thought it was an excellent idea for education to balance intellect and practical work. I hope you will reproduce your speech on your blog, and perhaps report on the vitality of agriculture and crafts at Berry - I hope they are still vital.