Monday, February 11, 2008

Republicans Rightly Understood

Peter Lawler is certainly one of our very best and most astute political commentators, not only understanding the horse races we're seeing, but the deeper significance of what seem to be ephemeral strategies as reflections of the soul of American politics and the longings of its citizens. Like my teacher, Wilson Carey McWilliams, Peter understands that political races are both about immediate concerns but also always reveal something about the permanent and eternal aspects of our national character.

His latest musings - particularly on the candidacies of McCain and Huckabee - are particularly fruitful reflections on the need to combine the features of a warrior and a preacher in a single candidate. Peter draws on recent work, as well as thoughts from his recently published book "Homeless and at Home in America," a book highly blurbed by a certain Georgetown professor... I recommend both the post and most everything that Peter writes.

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