Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Better Than the Book

Eric Miller, a smart author of a dissertation, articles and a forthcoming biography on the social critic and historian Christopher Lasch (and, for more on Lasch, see this and this), has written an extremely generous and, dare I say, insightful review of my book "Democratic Faith." The review appears on one of my favorite online sites, "Books and Culture," and indeed has been selected as its "Book of the Week" (who said I'll just be a flash in the pan...?). What's most gratifying about the review is the confidence it engenders that what I wrote was properly and correctly communicated. I don't mind disagreements with the argument - and there have been not a few - but what one hopes for above all is that the argument is understood. Eric's review provides comfort that I was able to convey what I'd hoped. It's as good a review as one could hope for, and I'm grateful for the serious and sustained read. The book is a slog, I'll admit, but Eric's summary is as good a substitute as I could hope for. Read it!

Also, due out any day is the newest issue of the fine journal "Perspectives on Political Science" - edited by our friend Peter Lawler - which will feature a symposium devoted to the book. Commentators included Joe Knippenberg of "No Left Turns" fame, Susan McWilliams of Pomona College, Rafe Major and Daniel Cullen of Rhodes College, and Mike Andrews of the Jack Miller Center. Yours truly provided the final brief essay entitled "Reply to My Admirable Critics." I'll post it here eventually, but only after the publisher has had a chance to sell lots of copies.

Many thanks for such serious readers. And, to the readers of this "blawg," which this month surpassed 5,000 monthly readers. Not bad for a kid from Windsor, Connecticut!

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