Friday, September 14, 2007

Good Stuff

We're putting on a good program with the Tocqueville Forum this year, our fledgling counter-revolution in serious political thought at Georgetown. Some names: Lukacs, Mansfield, Elshtain, Lawler, McPherson, Delsol, Neuhaus, Hauerwas. Some events: Tocqueville lecture series, Constitutionalism and Natural Law, Pope Benedict's Regensburg Address, Lincoln on his birthday, Public Theology. A gathering for students to hear about the purpose and end of a core curriculum. A student journal, to be published in October, with a lead article by Justice Antonin Scalia on Civic Education which was an address delivered at the Forum's first event in October, 2006. A student-planned conference in the Spring. Just when I start getting depressed that our best students only seek a degree as an entry into the meritocratic business sweepstakes, faith is renewed. Any readers in the D.C. area, or those wanting to find an excuse to visit, come by. Don't mention the "blawg" - I'll deny I have anything to do with it. Must be those damn hackers.

Check out our schedule here. And don't hesitate to tell anyone who might be able to help us. We can't pull it all off for free, and we're not exactly getting help from the brass.

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