Monday, July 16, 2007

Fin de Siecle

From our correspondent in Paris, reporting some titles, with commentary, from a "Humanities Conference":

"At the At the Gay Bar with Male Erotic Dancers: A Phenomenology of Fuckness"

Overview: With focus on what I call the erotic capital of fuckness, I articulate a coextensive theory of gender and sexuality regarding male strip tease.
Stream: Sexuality, Gender, Families

"Ruptures in Knowing: A Comparative Study Narrating the "Veil" in Subaltern Feminine Embodiment"

Overview: This paper will think through the subaltern existence of the feminine body on ethical terms that re-articulate the complex lines of power and desire beyond the moment of the veil.
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies Language, Linguistics

[Comment]: Subaltern? The moment of the veil? This guy is going to rupture the space-time continuum....

"Growing Dendrites: Brain-based Learning, Governmentality and ways of being a Person"

Overview: This paper examines the current interest in brain-based learning from a Foucauldian perspective, in particular his idea of ‘governmentality’.
Stream: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness, Religion, Spirituality

[Comment]: Brain-based learning? As opposed to what?...

"Fashioning the Vagina, Fashioning the Self: Hair Management in the Nether Region"

Overview: We offer an opening foray into popular culture representations of the manner in which women are enlisted to manage their pubic hair in North American society.

[Comment]: "I am a walrus..."

"Girl-Child Education: A Reality or a Mirage among Females with Hearing Impairment in Nigeria"

Overview: The researcher is interested in investigating some of the problems militating against girl-child education among females with hearing impairment in Nigeria.
Stream: Sexuality, Gender, Families

[Comment]: Girl-child? Sounds like something right out of Newspeak. Caveat: This paper is only concerned with left-handed deaf girl-childs from northwest Nigeria. Actually, just this one village on the Chadian border. Actually, it's my village. Ok, it's about me -- it's my journal.

"Negotiating Gendered, Cultural, Canadian, and Engineering Identities"

Overview: This research will focus on the intersecting identities of women engineering students while considering which identities are viewed as important to them, in which historical, cultural, societal, and situational contexts.

[Comment]: Translation: I flunked out of a crappy Canadian engineering school and ended up in the humanities.

"The Role of Transcendental Metaphors in Birthing New Worlds: A Phenomenological Exploration of the (de)construction of Reality"

Overview: The paper unveils the transcendental structure of metaphors invoked by ten global transformational leaders, which enabled them to overcome oppressive discourses and birth new worlds in different societies and times

[Comment]: Hey, this guy got his title the same place I got mine: !

"The Phonosemantic Universality of Human Speech: A New Anthropocentric Paradigm for Word Meaning"

Overview: The hypothesis states the trilateral unity of mouth gesture, thought, and sound and attributes to each phone particular syncretic, mostly spatial, intrinsic meaning which is universal across all human languages.

[Comment]: Makes me think of another trilateral mouth gesture...

Higher Education, anyone?

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Black Sea said...

Many years ago The New York Times Magazine ran a wonderful article about the Modern Langauge Association Convention, at which these sorts of topics are standard fare.

From that article, I still remember the comment of a desk clerk working at one of the hotels where the conventioneers were staying:

"These MLA people are pathetic. They just talk, talk, talk; then they go to their rooms and cry."

Indeed, the road to tenure is far from straight and narrow.