Wednesday, June 6, 2007


It's a free country!

Well, maybe not. As explained in this article, the American economy - our vaunted free market - is more or less subject to the whims of a Kingdom. The oil that makes us free from places. The plastic that makes us free from frugality. The fertilizers and pesticides that make us free from the tyranny of growing food. It's just so great, being so free! Don't you feel secure at night, knowing your future lies in the hands of the Saudis?

Well, maybe if we say it enough times, it must be true. Freedom.... Freedom... Freedom!!! OK, all better! How do you say it in Arabic? Maybe "pretty please?"

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Paul Pennyfeather said...

Well put, Mr. Deneen!

We're told we MUST fight a war in Iraq (because the terrorist threat is so great) and yet this same threat doesn't, in their eyes, necessitate kicking the Saudi oil habit; securing our borders; or rethinking our head-long leap into dependence on other countries for basics, including food.

I think the threat of Jihad is real. If only the people who push plastic, chicken nuggets, and the Iraq war thought so too.