Friday, May 11, 2007

Oil Executive or Journalist - You Decide

This article begins by reporting that oil executive Jim Buckee recently declared that the world has reached "peak oil" (a crazy theory held mostly by loonies as well as a growing number of respected oil executives). Thankfully, the journalist ends the piece by asserting that the evidence is more "ambivalent," a comfort for all those people for whom journalistic balance trumps the supposedly expert opinion of a person who works in oil exploration for a living.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it makes a big difference whether you consult oil geologists or economists. This article is another example of a long trend.
It is interesting that "science" is piously invoked to combat challenges to Darwinian materialism (e.g. Intelligent Design) but ignored or downplayed when it comes to something as fundamental as oil resources.
A must-read article that you would really appreciate: "The Evaporation of Civilization" by Hugo Salinas Price - perhaps you can find it at - e.g. "Oil energy has overwhelmed almost all institutions in the world. This is a terrifying fact, for a society without institutions is the definition of a barbaric society."
You have a fine website - many thanks.